Arc Flash Label
Short Circuit Studies, Protective Device Coordination and Arc Flash Studies

Electricity is the 4th leading cause of injury-related occupational death in the U.S. and according to the CDC it is estimated that 5-10 arc flash incidents occur in electrical equipment every day in the U.S.  These incidents can cause serious injuries and even death.  It is important for all employers to be aware of Arc Flash Hazards and comply with OSHA and NFPA 70E standards to prevent these accidents from occurring.  Allow us to help you protect your facility and your employees from potential electrical accidents by performing a complete arc flash study of your facility. 

The complete arc flash study will include short circuit current and incident energy calculations, arc flash protection boundary calculations, arc rated (AR) clothing and personal protective equipment selection (PPE), shock protection boundaries and the arc flash warning labels.  The arc flash hazard analysis also takes into consideration the design of the overcurrent protective devices and their opening time, including their condition of maintenance.

Let us give you a quote to perform a detailed study that will include the required labels, required levels of PPE, the correct overcurrent device settings and suggestions on how to decrease the available arc flash energy present at your facility. 

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  Arc Flash Brochure